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Project and Custom Design

Java Furniture Home, Hotel & Resort is well-versed home, Apartement, hotel & resort furniture. We have furnished several hotel projects in both Indonesia (Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Solo and Yogyakarta) and countries. Recognizing the essentials between furniture and hotel industry, lead us to be a well-known home, hotel and resort furniture supplier.

Hitherto our products that has been displaying in hotels are getting great appreciation from hotels management and hotel visitors. Here, we proudly present our furniture catalog for hotel and resort project in premium design and competitive price.

Why choosing Java Furniture Home, Apartement, Hotel & Resort Project Premier Line?
Design Consultant. Custom design is widely open to be discussed with us, as this is a part of our service. We make every single item of our furniture special and different from the others. Unique and exclusive designs are what the hotel management needs to be different and incomparable with other hotels.

Pricing Decision. Our price fit to the quality of our products and it depends as well to hotel requirement and condition. Some aspects that might influence the prices related with quality standard, material, finishing, accessories and others component.

On Time Delivery. Concerning of hotel furniture made to order and to be used for specific time. On time delivery is our commitment to our clients.
We open to have further discussion from negotiation, production, delivery until furniture installation. Look forward to work together for furnishing your Home, hotel and resort project soon.

*Catatan : Designer kami akan memberi pelayanan khusus bagi customer yang ingin memesan Produk Mebel Limited Edition, customer bisa mendesain sendiri mebel yang diinginkan, dengan ukuran dan spesifikasi yang sesuai dengan ruangan anda. Atau, designer kami bisa membuat mebel yang anda inginkan berdasarkan gambar dari majalah, buku, ataupun website lain.


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